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For more than 8 years IndSource has helped organizations develop their information management systems. Our services contribute to the bottom line because they improve and automate processes. Our software helps people save time performing tasks that computers can do better anyhow. Free your people to be creative and better informed with custom business software. Call us and ask us how we can help.

Project Execution Model

Custom Application Engineering

We follow a comprehensive application development methodology that spans through the entire software development life cycle. A typical engagement begins with the analysis of business requirements and identification of under-utilized, redundant and obsolete applications. After mutually agreeing on an implementation roadmap with our client, we assume full responsibility of developing, maintaining and enhancing critical enterprise applications. Our phased approach and domain expertise help us develop various differentiating capabilities for our clients by:

  • Synchronizing business processes with technology.
  • Modernizing existing applications.
  • Developing, maintaining and enhancing robust tailored applications.
  • Maximizing business benefits.
  • Minimizing application and infrastructure costs.
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Migration & Re-Engineering

Legacy systems typically define and control the majority of business processes in organizations. Organizations that can effectively leverage their legacy systems are best positioned for success in the new business world. We offer Migration and Re-engineering services that help companies transform their IT applications to take advantage of newer technology platforms, frameworks or software products. These transformations are driven by the enterprise's need for higher scalability, enhancing user friendliness, or removing system performance bottlenecks, third party licensing issues or difficulty and costs of maintaining legacy systems. We leverage upon modern architectures for automated translation of business logic. Our technology migration and application re-engineering portfolio entails:

  • Legacy Re-engineering.
  • Legacy Web-enablement.
  • Migration and Porting.
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Integration provides a layered approach to integration at the data, application, platform, service, and process levels. Integration allows data in various formats to be shared across disparate applications, processes, services, and platforms. It provides for a scalable integration framework to address all current and future integration needs of the expanding enterprise. Our Integration practice has a dedicated group of experienced technical architects, analysts, technical leads, and certified developers on leading EAI / Customer integrations tools. We integration services for various applications, databases, and business processes. The offering includes integrating disparate platforms and applications such as Mainframe, AS/400, ERP applications, CRM applications, and business critical applications. Our implementation directors typically employ a three pronged approach:

  • Application Integration.
  • Data Integration.
  • Process Integration.
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Application Maintanence

We have a strong history of managing applications for our clients. Over time our processes have evolved and enable us to deliver a complrehesive solution suite. We help enterprises maximize and extend the life of their IT portfolio by maintaining existing applications that address current business requirements. We provide cost-effective, high-value solutions leveraging an multi-pronged strategy and a tool-based knowledge management system with online dashboards for transparency and easy measurability. Our services include support and maintenance of bespoke and legacy applications entailing:

  • Web based applications.
  • Microsoft Technologies.
  • Java Technologies.
  • Microsoft Technologies.
  • Open Source Technologies.
  • E-Commerce Applications.
  • Back-Office Work Flow Applications.
  • Accounting and Finance Applications.
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