Solution Engineering

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Our technology solutions are designed to address complex application and systems integration requirements across diverse enterprise environments. With solutions for Cloud Computing, Big Data, SOA and Compliance, we can help you advance your technology infrastructure with solutions that are integrated from applications to disk.

Project Approach Model

IndSource helps customers implement best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, analytics, and risk compliance management. Our integrated vertical and technology expertise address a range of business problems and allows us to offer bespoke solutions.

Big Data

In the right hands and handeled stragetically, the massive amounts of infomration enterprises collect today can become a valuable new asset. Companies seeking additional organic revenue streams should consider tapping their data trove to power a new information services growth engine.

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Being vendor neutral, we are able to assist you with a range of Cloud solutions in the public, private and hybrid cloud models. We provide complete guidance and thought-leadership on reducing the total cost of ownership and help realize cost efficiences through innovative cloud models.

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Service Oriented Architecture

Get yor technical and commercial strategies to fall in close alignment with each other. We are experts in defining clear road maps for the same. In short, we make your SOA initiatives successful!

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Compliance & Risk Management

Today's businesses face a wide range of regulations designed to protect consumers' rights and ensure corporate integrity. While it's important for companies to take steps to satisfy these mandates, compliance can be costly. IndSource helps organizations achieve compliance with state-of-the-art solutions.

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Data Center Transformation

Our Data Center Transformation solutions not only help you cut costs but also promote a reduced carbon footprint through simplified Infrastructure, Ongoing Consolidations, Efficiency Improvements, Virtualization and Infrastructure Optimization. We can help you save Money, Energy, and the Environment even while we help you deliver enhanced operational efficiency.

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