Information Engineering

Information is not Knowledge.

Information Engineering

That is why Information must be cleansed, extracted, pruned, transformed, presented and engineered into Knowledge. Knowledge about your systems, processes and people. Knowledge about your partners, competition and customers. Knowledge about your Company.

Our focus is to develop process-centric solutions to challenges of local or global significance that will ultimately improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. With our unique combination of experience and innovation, IndSource has seasoned professionals that deliver results across industries, making your ideas happen. Our Core Competencies are:

Enterprise Application Development

IndSource brings proven technical and domain expertise in the Enterprise Application Development Services space, specializing in custom application development, integration of new and legacy environments, upgrades and support.

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Web Application Development

Our web solutions provide complete custom services including enterprise web portal development, custom web applications, social web applications, CRM solutions and technology consulting for specific needs.

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Mobile Application Development

At a time when the world of business is shrinking like never before, the workplace is expanding beyond the cubicle area. Giant leaps in networking and communication technology has helped enterprise employees now work and deliver services from anywhere through multiple mediums.

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Business Analytics

IndSource has rich experience in implementing DWBI projects of various complexities for its customers. We have a dedicated DWBI Practice for designing and deploying client centric Data warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions.

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We can help your enterprise build Definitive Solutions.